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 In Less time... 

While Having More Fun 

More Flexibility

A different class type for every day of the week

More Fun

Different formats, people and environments

More Friends

Meet hundreds of new people from your local area

More Social

From weekly casual catch ups to epic annual days out 

Forces Community fitness Basics

If you agree that:

Fitness with friends is more fun than fitness on your own.

Fitness with a coach gets you better results, faster. 

Outdoor fitness is better for all round health than indoor. 


FCF can deliver you an elite level of physical training you won't find elsewhere for less money

We're here for you:

We know every individual member personally.

We work with people of all fitness levels.

If you're tired of stagnant gym environments and monotonous workouts, let's get together...  

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Tony T

"The level of instruction is world class. I've been coached by and trained with world champions and the Instructors at F.C.F are right up there"

 What Do Members Think... 


  • Debbie

  • Paul

  • Anthony

  • Karen

I think it’s amazing that you get so much expertise and experience for the price. I’ve tried a lot of different outdoor fitness classes and they are not even close to anything like FCF. They really are the best in our region. I travel an hour each way to the sessions so I think that really says something.

In terms of value for money, it’s unbeatable. I can join a different class pretty much every night of the week if I want to. I can choose morning or evening sessions too. I love the flexibility

Jane W 

Health Worker

I like the ability to choose the intensity I work out at with the different classes to suit my strengths. Instead of skipping a class because I’m feeling too tired from work or if I'm feeling unwell, I can just choose a different level on the day. 

Steve S

Logistics Manager

The instructors are very understanding of my individual needs. They are really supportive and go out of their way to ensure I get the most out of every class.

Sam D

IT Consultant

Lots of great friends...

Matt - Engineer

I’ve used gyms for years but with working from home, I wanted something a bit more social in the evenings. I love how inclusive the classes are and I love the social side. I’ve made a lot of new like minded friends very quickly.

Makes you feel alive...

Julia - Researcher

I always hated the cold and I know that outdoor fitness isn’t for everyone but I actually enjoy the winter classes more than the summer ones now. Getting outside in the cold and the dark seems to sharpen the senses (like when you run in the rain). It makes you feel alive when everyone else seems to be hibernating in the winter.

Like a personal trainer...

Joe - Director

I play a few of competitive sports and whenever I pick up an injury or ‘a niggle’, the instructors at FCF adapt things for me so I can still keep ticking over. They are so knowledgeable that they even give me rehabilitative exercises and save me a fortune on physiotherapy sessions.


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