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The fitness results I've achieved have been amazing


The events are great fun and a nice balance to hard work we put in at class.


I like that I get a well rounded, balanced workout

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The whole community works hard and plays hard. Nights out are a lot of fun

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I love the support and encouragement I get from other members. You just don't find it elsewhere


I get pushed harder than I would ever push myself so I get better fitness results

We believe that If you've got a body, you're an Athlete

F.C.F - A Uniquely Empowering Culture


Daz Churchill

Darrell 'Daz' Churchill is an elite level sports and fitness coach. He is a former international class endurance athlete and has competed in a number of disciplines at national and international level. 

Following his retirement from competition, Daz went on to train and coach other elite athletes to success in one to one and group training environments. 

Decades later, Daz has over 25 years of group teaching expertise and now brings elite level fitness training to the local community for people of all fitness levels to enjoy. 

Daz has been teaching Personal Training on a one to one level for over 20 years teaching clients from a beginner background to international athletes and elite soldiers. 

Daz is highly respected and renowned in the wider professional fitness community but more locally, he is simply known as the ‘Friendliest Man Alive’. 

He is very hands on within Forces Community Fitness and is never without a huge smile welcoming members. Despite experiencing local celebrity status, he is incredibly modest and humble. Daz is the epitome of an approachable ‘northerner’ and is a natural people person.

He cares deeply about every individual fitness member and after just a few sessions, he will know even before you do, when…

1. You’re not pushing yourself hard enough or 

2. If you are pushing too hard, or 

3. When you’re being too hard on yourself. 

Daz has extensive sports injury and recovery knowledge and expertise. During his military career his roles included physically rehabilitating soldiers returning from injury and he now works closely with many older fitness enthusiasts to monitor, maintain, improve and work with their ongoing injuries and physiological issues. 

Daz had a successful military career and was attached to many different regiments in places such as the UK, Kenya, Cyprus, and on operational tours of Bosnia, Croatia and Northern Ireland. 

"It's not what you look like, it's what you can do"

James Lines Profile


Jim Lines

James ‘Jim’ Lines served over 22 years in the Royal Air Force. He traveled all around the world during that time, and served in a number of conflicts including Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Upon being medically discharged from the RAF in 2016, Jim swiftly re-trained as a physical training instructor and continued his commitment to excellence. 

You get more than just Jim’s many years of cutting edge fitness training techniques and knowledge packed into every session.

Jim prides himself on the fact that all his sessions are fun and friendly. They are a relaxed and welcomed end to any tough working day. 

Teamwork and camaraderie are a central focus for Jim and you’ll never leave a class without a smile on your face. 

Jim is always on hand for a chat after sessions (or a drink and a bite providing it's good quality). 

"Physical and mental health go hand in hand here at F.C.F"

You'll find every body type at every one of our sessions.

We all have strengths and weaknesses.

We don't care how you look.

We care about how you feel and how you progress.

FCF doesn't differentiate between physical and mental health.

We just call it health. And your health is the most important part of you.

Wouldn't you agree?

Our fitness classes are the place you get to be you...

 They are somewhere you can share your personal improvements 

with open-minded people who love to laugh

Bad weather is never a factor in good company

How Will F.C.F Improve My Fitness?

We use cutting edge equipment for total body workouts.

We will improve you physically and manipulate your progress through the process known as 'differentiation'.

Throughout every class, on every exercise, there are two different levels of difficulty.

Once you can complete the first level with ease, you progress onto the next level.

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Nothing is more important than your health

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