karen bootcamp member

Congratulations to Forces Community Fitness member Karen on completing all 4 seasons of Wolf Run events in one year.

This means that she receives the coveted "Alpha Wolf" accolade.

The wolf run is a 10km obstacle course race with a mixture of:

  •  large functional fitness obstacles like monkey bars, cargo nets and climbing walls
wolf run wall
  • fun man-made obstacles like tunnels and water slides
wolf run waterslide
  • many sections of natural obstacles like muddy ditches, steep hills and waist deep swamps
  • wolf run mud
    •  large natural water masses where extensive swimming in cold water is required. 

    The water is very cold regardless of which season you undertake the wolf run in. 

    Karen doesn't agree however. She says...

    "I've had colder baths"  

    Try partnering with Karen in a forces boxing class.

    She is tough as nails and will show you how to throw a proper punch.

    Karen has a mean left hook which is quite unnerving considering her beaming smile and warm welcoming chats. 

    People are just made different in Yorkshire.  

    Karen is one of many exceptional members of the Forces Community Fitness crowd. 

    They will inspire you to push further and have more fun in your fitness than you ever have before. 

     The awesome community at Forces Community Fitness always field a sizeable 'Wolf Pack' comprised of members from their fitness classes in Leamington and Warwick

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