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Forces Battle Class

Have you ever wondered how fit you need to be to cope with the physical demands placed on service personnel (specifically soldiers) during combat situations?

Well Wonder no more...

Forces Battle Fitness classes are like no other training session you will ever experience (unless you've served in the military, but even then, they wouldn't have been anywhere near as fun).

Battle fitness class

Forces Battle Fitness classes are created with vast experience and knowledge from the military careers of the veteran service personnel who run Forces Community Fitness.

We pride ourselves on these training sessions, as just like in the military, they promote a selfless attitude towards an end goal, working within a team.

The military use these types of fitness classes as a base platform for readiness for Military Operation.

They are a tried and tested method of building resilient individuals who are ready to adapt to challenging environments. 

These classes test both mind and body and have a fun, inclusive team competition element.

Forces Battle Fitness is inclusive of all our members. Everyone has their strengths, and you will find your strength within these sessions and feel proud that you are helping your team.

Everyone has a role to play. You will find yourself problem solving, pushing yourself, and lifting up others getting them involved also.

It's time for your natural leadership to flourish.

We help you achieve the task that has been set by the instructors.

You will be involved in tasks such as moving equipment from one place to another in the shortest amount of time or you could be involved in rescuing a mock casualty on a stretcher.

You may find yourself immersed into a scenario where you are a soldier behind enemy lines looking for sensitive equipment. 

We aim and promote teamwork within these classes and get you to ask that little bit more of yourself for the sake of the team.

You may find yourself completing 10km carrying equipment alongside your teammates.

Equally, you may find yourself racing to build a cannon against all the other teams.

You will complete an all over body workout that will make you think and work as a team.

You will feel exhilarated and proud after these training sessions and feel that bit closer to your teammates.

Nothing is more important than your health

Happy bootcamp attendess