Forces Boxing

boxing fitness class

Forces Community Fitness Boxing sessions are fantastic fun sessions based on boxing technique created by our instructors to be inclusive for all our members. 

You will find yourself learning new skills and improving hand- eye coordination.

Our instructors will teach you basic boxing moves, punches and techniques and put them all together into a fun filled class.

You will be taught basic footwork and basic punching techniques such as jabs, hooks and upper-cuts etc.

We will not be punching each other or be competing against one another.

You will typically either be wearing a set of directional pads or wearing a set of boxing gloves, hitting the pads in your partnership.  

You could find yourself completing a boxing combination and then a small circuit.

You could be partnered with individual members or part of a team, all working together, having a fun filled workout.

Mix up your fitness routine for more fun and motivation...

Nothing is more important than your health

Happy bootcamp attendess