Forces Fitness Class

Forces fitness class

Forces fitness is a 60 minute classic bootcamp style session.

It's a great all round introduction to the Forces Community Fitness array of outdoor fitness classes and military style bootcamps.

Forces fitness classes are inclusive of all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.

You may travel around the park and cover distances ranging from 1km to 10km together as a team.

You will likely not even realise that you have covered these distances, as we include so many different types of exercises, including circuits, team games and many more.

Although this class is traditionally comprised of body weight exercises, we often add different types of equipment at random, which brings an additional dimension to your workout.

These may be kettlebells, slam balls or power bags, just to name a few.

The time will fly by, and by the end you will feel a great sense of camaraderie and achievement.

You will also feel a sense of pride and achievement as you push beyond your typical limits and comfort zone.

You will leave you wanting more (even if you are extremely tired). 

No two training sessions are alike.

The beauty of these sessions is that you never know what you are going to get.

Only one thing is guaranteed… It will be fun.

Nothing is more important than your health

Happy bootcamp attendess