Forces Indoor Circuits

indoor circuit class

Our Forces Indoor circuit training class is a weekly winter bonus class.

 It runs during winter in addition to our all year round outdoor fitness class program.

Forces Indoor Circuits is held in the sports hall at Myton School on Monday nights from the start of November to the start of April each year.

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These specialist circuit training classes are an excellent way for you to improve cardiovascular performance, muscular strength, and endurance all at once.

Circuit classes are a great way for you to get back into fitness if you have an injury you need to manage. 

We are best able to control your movements and reduce the stress on specific parts of the body in these sessions. 

Typically, you will be completing a number of exercises, varying from body weight exercises to lifting weights and using equipment like parallel bars.

You will continually perform the exercises given either by number of reps or a period time such as 60 seconds, for example.

You will have short periods of recovery before moving onto the next set of exercises. 

In a typical Forces Indoor Circuits class you will compete exercises such as tricep dips, kettle bell shoulder presses, weighted squats and roughly a dozen other exercises in a single circuit.

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