Forces Injury Prevention and Recovery

Injury prevention bootcamp fitness class
  • Minimise Injury Risk
  • Maximise Fitness Results
  • Speed up Recovery Time
  • Reduce Muscle Soreness

Forces Community Fitness Injury Prevention and Recovery Classes are a must for anyone either just setting out on their fitness journey, or any elite athlete trying to find that next level.

They are also perfect for anyone wanting to train around and recover effectively from an injury.

No matter who you are, you will require these training sessions to be able to move forward with minimum disruption to your training plans as injuries occur in athletes of all levels.

We complete these sessions to educate and promote self-awareness of your body to our members.

During these sessions we will be teaching you self-awareness during your fitness journey that will assist you to stave off those dreaded injuries.

Our expert instructors will teach you tried and tested methods of understanding your body and recognising the need for recovery (after all we do not improve until we rest and recover).

You will learn more about stretching and the benefits of stretching, you will use various tools from the fitness industry such as foam rollers and the correct technique on using them, to promote recovery and assist the muscles in the recovery process.

These sessions are the Swiss Army knife of physical training and you will find more out about your body and be able to use it more effectively when joining in these training sessions.

Nothing is more important than your health

Happy bootcamp attendess