Forces Running Class

Running class

Affectionately known as "Run Club" by our regular members, the Forces Running class is the backbone of many members' fitness programs.

Improve your running ability through rigorous structured running training.

Daz is a former elite running athlete, having competed at the World Athletics Championships.

He has over 30 years’ of professional and top amateur running experience. He is always willing to share this elite knowledge to help his members.

The style of Forces Running Class is inclusive of everyone.

You do not have to be a super-fast runner to be part of this. It’s structured in such a way that everyone works to their own abilities.

Forces Community Fitness will squeeze the best out of you during these training sessions. 

What to expect during your local running class

You will be involved in technique training and you will run repetitions at various distances.

You may be partnered up or be part of a small team during the session, all working together for one goal.

You will be involved in running training sessions that may include:

threshold training, endurance, sprint training, resistance training, Vo2 max training, reaction drills, tactical training, pyramid sessions, quality-based sessions, middle distance training aimed at 800m-3000m and long distance training typically aimed at 3000m -10,000m. 

Within these running classes you will cover anywhere between 1mile and 8km of distance overall.

This will be split up into repetitions and sets including various amounts of rest during the session, so we can create the desired effect on the body to cover the aim of the session.

You will progress through each session and feel a sense of great achievement.

These sessions are tried and tested and are ever so popular with the Forces Community Fitness team.

Members have achieved great things from these sessions, transitioning from novice runners to completing Ultra marathons, all on the back of the specialised Forces Running "Run Club" training sessions.

No matter your current running level, you will feel included and part of the team at each session.

Just turn up and we'll improve your running ability better than any other local running club, included in your membership.

Nothing is more important than your health

Happy bootcamp attendess