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Fitness Technique

Forces Community Fitness Technique Workshops have been designed by our instructors for you to be in the best place to be able to get the most out of your training plans.

Poor technique (also referred to as poor form) will create imbalanced muscle, poor posture, place undue stress on your joints, cause tight muscles and can lead to other issues during training.

Our Technique Training workshops are designed for you to best understand how to complete exercises in the correct way, in order to prevent injuries, poor posture, or imbalanced muscles.

After these sessions you will be armed with the knowledge of how a particular exercise should be completed.

This will give you confidence, more strength, a more fluid movement during the exercise, creating less stress on the body.

After learning more about technique in exercises, you will be able to place load on your muscles and joints and be able to target specific muscles throughout the movements.

Technique workshops will also prevent injury and these classes compliment our injury prevention sessions.

We will create correct movement patterns and we will look at your technique and assist you to help you build confidence to be able to execute exercises correctly.

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