Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Experience elite level Ex Army Personal Trainer services near you for less.

Every Forces Community Fitness class feels like you've got your own personal trainer with you.

We know you personally after all.

We're not a faceless gym or run of the mill bootcamp with members who don't turn up and fail to achieve their fitness goals.

In Forces Community Fitness classes you will be personally pushed, corrected on your form (performing the exercise safely and effectively) and monitored for signs of burnout at all times.

It's just an added benefit of being a member of Forces Community Fitness.

Forces Community fitness offers a lot more value than other local fitness classes, which you've just got to experience for yourself.

But don't just take our word for it. Proof comes in the form of the hundreds of local people, just like you who enjoy fitness classes with us every week.

For many of them, it's a lifestyle choice.

The price is so low that their membership is a necessity, rather than a luxury. So our members stay with us for years.

But a such a low price point, life can easily get in the way.

With the ups and downs that life throws at us, it can be easy to justify skipping a session or two.

If you fear that could happen to you, don't worry. We've got you covered.

The added accountability and mental boost of 1 to 1 personal training might be just what you need from time to time.

Perhaps you have a lofty fitness goal on a very tight deadline and need customised and personalised help?

You might have agreed to join a friend for a half marathon at short notice and want to achieve a certain time that is just beyond your capabilities at this time.

When that's the case, you could benefit from personalised help with diet and fitting more sport specific exercise into a short period of time, in a safe and manageable way.

You'll be pleased to know that additional expert and elite level personal training and coaching is on hand and available to you at a great price with Forces Community Fitness.

Forces Community Fitness is here when you need us, however you need us.

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Nothing is more important than your health

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