Forces Tabbing

What is “Tabbing” you might ask?

“Tabbing” is a military term used to refer to a “Tactical Advance to Battle”.

As with many things, the military use the three letter acronym “TAB”.

Tabbing is therefore a physical exercise unique to the military, which is now being shared with you as well!

It is a loaded march carrying weight in a “bergen” (rucksack) over a certain distance.

Our military forces all use this system, although the Marines may refer to it as “Yomping”.

You will be moving from one location to another location carrying all essential equipment, supplies, ammunition and other equipment, either as an individual or as part of a team.

Typically you will be marching at a fast pace which will be broken up by the occasional run.

You will be under pressure to get to a given location in the shortest amount of time and also to be ready for battle when you reach that destination.

Tabbing is the fastest, easiest way to move to a battlefield and be able to fight when you reach the destination.

At Forces Community Fitness we are not going to battle but we use this training program as a great way to build up cardiovascular fitness and strength.

You will love these sessions as we cover a lot of ground whilst being part of the team.

You can join in these sessions carrying no weight at all, then you can progress at the correct rate with help from our instructors.

Before you know it, you will be carrying more weight in your backpack than you ever have and tabbing faster than you ever have.

Nothing is more important than your health

Happy bootcamp attendess