How Fit Should I Be To Join My Local Bootcamp

How fit should I be for local bootcamp

Regardless of your current fitness level, your personal journey to a healthier, fitter you can begin today, thanks to the Forces Community Fitness 'Choose your Challenge' system. 

We understand that every individual is unique and possesses varying levels of fitness abilities.

That's why we've implemented a tailored approach, (known technically as "differentiation") designed to cater to three distinct ability levels in every class. 

Choose Your Difficulty Level

Starting at blue, progressing to purple and finally advancing to red, our 'choose your challenge' system symbolises the typical journey from a beginner to an advanced athlete. 

You choose your challenge for the class by grabbing a bib/vest of a particular colour from your instructor at the start of the class.

Grab Your Bootcamp Bib (aka Vest) 

Blue - Your Beginning

If you're new to fitness, looking to ease your way back into it or are recovering from an injury, our blue group is the ideal starting point or choice for you.

Choosing a blue bib signifies your beginner status, and it's a symbol of your courage to embark on your journey. 

Our blue group is characterised by:

  1. Foundational Work: Our expert trainers will focus on building your basic fitness skills, ensuring you have a strong platform to build upon.
  2. Supportive Environment: You'll join a welcoming community of beginners, providing you with encouragement and motivation.
  3. Low-Intensity Workouts: The emphasis here is on learning proper form, gradually increasing your stamina, and setting the stage for progression.

Purple - Your Progress

As you grow fitter and more confident, the purple bib/vest represents the progress you've made and the commitment you've given to your fitness journey. 

We'll introduce more complex workouts and higher intensity exercises to enhance your strength and endurance. You'll notice your capabilities expanding.

Red - Your Result

For those ready to push their limits, this is where you become an advanced athlete, taking your fitness to a whole new level.

The focus is on pushing boundaries and achieving peak performance.

More than a Bootcamp Fitness Class

Challenging yourself is not just about wearing a bib/vest. 

By choosing the right colour and ability level, you'll be part of a supportive community that shares your goals.

Our bootcamp membership offers more than just fitness - it's a transformational experience with like minded individuals who you develop deeper bonds with than a typical indoor fitness environment. 

The sense of achievement you'll feel as you progress from blue to purple and ultimately to red is difficult to compare with typical local fitness classes.

You'll break through personal barriers, make lasting friendships, and achieve fitness levels you never thought possible.

More than a fitness class, Forces Community Fitness Bootcamp it's a family of like-minded individuals pushing each other towards greatness.

We invite you to choose your challenge and let our bootcamp take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Make your choice, wear your bib with pride, and embark on your transformative fitness journey.

Your new and improved self is just one decision away.

Join us today and let's make those fitness dreams a reality.

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