Natalia Bootcamp Member Iron Man

FCF's own Iron Woman, Natalie Afonne, recently completed the 2022 Iron man event held in Turkey.

Natalia competes in many arduous events and always gets the job done in a no nonsense, yet glamorous style.

Taking some brief time out of her regular training schedule at a Forces Community Fitness class in Leamington Spa, here's what she said about completing the impressive Iron Man event...

"Never give up when things are not going to plan. Have some patience, believe in yourself and you will get there".

It's hard to argue with the iron woman. 

Just do as she says and you'll be a fitter, faster, stronger version of yourself in no time at all. 

If you get yourself down to a local bootcamp fitness session near you, you will realise very quickly that Natalia is not actually made completely out of Iron.  

Whilst she has an iron core that she activates when working hard on maintaining her fitness...

She is an incredibly bubbly, warm, smiley and all round lovely person. 

You can always spot the gorgeous and glamorous Natalia from her brightly coloured sports leggings. 

Start making some amazing memories for yourself and achieve things you never thought you'd ever achieve with the support of the awesome bootcamp community at Forces Community Fitness.

Iron man finisher Bootcamp member Natalie

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