Fitness class member with thumbs up

Forces Community Fitness Member Anthony Tedd recently completed the Welsh Trail Marathon which is part of the Golden Trail World Series, sponsored by Salomon.

Trail Marathon Wales attracts international athletes due to its excessive elevation gain.

The event usually entails close to a vertical mile of elevation over very rugged terrain. It is generally accepted as one of the most challenging trail marathons to undertake.

trail marathon wales

This year, due to poor weather and a landslide, a section of the course had to be altered, which meant that the total elevation gain was reduced to approximately 1,300m.

To put it into context, the London marathon has around 120m of elevation gain, so this event still had more than 10 x the amount of uphill output as a standard marathon.

finish line of trail marathon wales

Anthony, in orange was never supposed to be doing this event.

Josh, in green on the right, is the husband of another Forces Community Fitness member, Claire Dixon.

Josh's running partner became injured in the run up to the event.

This meant that Anthony took the challenge on with only 8 weeks notice to join his close friend, having originally declined the challenge due to the extensive training required.

Having never even completed a half marathon before, it was sure to be a big undertaking.

It was a pleasant surprise when Anthony crossed the finish line in the top 20% of competitors.

He seldom misses the weekly Forces Running class and attributes his performance to the base level of fitness he maintains through his Forces Community Fitness membership.

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