Sam Diggins Bootcamp member Cotswold Challenge

Congratulations to Forces Community Fitness member Sam Wiggins for his massive achievement in completing this 100km challenge.

(Yes, that is more than 2 marathons put together without stopping and over a whopping 62 miles). 

Sam is an incredible individual and does an enormous amount of extraordinary challenges for charity.

His dedication doesn't make any of them any easier. 

The blisters involved would make you cry just thinking about them.

Sam puts himself through this agony to raise money for a very worthy cause that is hard to appreciate for most of us.

We think we understand it, but we can never really experience it.

Blind and sight impaired people can live infinitely safer and more engaged lives with guide dogs. 

But dogs only live a fraction of the time of humans and the training is incredibly long, because they hold a human life in their paws.

A massive amount of training is required for them to pass their tests and not all of them are up to it. 

For those highly trained incredible canines that make it, the work is relentless for them.

They have to retire as their own health deteriorates so the window of productive time for a guide dog is quite brief.  

There are ongoing shortages, especially due to the pandemic, when training had to completely cease.

Sight impaired people therefore have to get used to new dogs many times in their lives.

Sam is pushing on with challenges to get more dogs with owners faster, keeping them safe and changing their lives massively. 

Well done Sam, incredible work. You are a great leader in your community and we're proud to have you in ours. 

Get down to your local park and try outdoor fitness classes today and have more fun whilst exercising than you ever thought possible and meet some incredible people.

You might just change someone else's life as well as your own. 

Cotswold way challenge

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