What To Wear For A Bootcamp Fitness Session

what to wear to an outdoor fitness class

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Outdoor fitness class items for all year round

outdoor fitness class footwear

A trail shoe is preferable. Something with depth to the lugs (sticky out grip).

This is better than a road shoe that tends to have a shallower grip pattern which doesn't cope well with mud.

The most popular brand tends to be Solomon. Their Vario/ speed cross/ alpha cross or similar models tend to be preferred.

Should I spend more on a Goretex version?

Generally the answer to this question is no.

Your feet will sweat more in goretex or waterproof bootcamp fitness shoes.

The shoe will also take longer to dry out when it gets wet.

Wet feet are inevitable when exercising outdoors. 

Even on a dry day, water will ingress down through your sock in ankle length grass simply from the morning dew.

Any waterproof layer also reduces breathability. This means your feet will become wet from sweat anyway, so benefits of waterproofing are often negated when exercising outdoors.

Professional runners on any surface will tend to avoid goretex.

Clothing material for bootcamp fitness classes

Avoid cotton because it absorbs sweat and water.

Opt to wear polyester or better quality fast wicking fabrics like merino wool to draw sweat and moisture away from your body.

Generally you want to wear multiple thin layers of moisture wicking fabrics like wool, polyester, nylon. You can always remove a layer if you get too hot.

What to wear in warmer weather

Normal ankle length socks instead low height trainer socks are preferable in order to prevent debris getting in and abrasion on the ankles from long grass and twigs. 

Shorts or leggings plus tee shirt are often fine

Many members wear caps to protect their heads from sun exposure.

Cold weather outdoor fitness classes

Protect the ankles and calfs from injury with long trousers or leggings in addition to at least ankle length socks.

There is reduced blood flow around the ankle joint which is why injury is more common in this part of your body.

Many people choose to wear football style socks or running compression socks to reduce injury

Wind proof gloves, wooly hats and lightweight jackets are common items in winter classes.

You can always take items off once you are warmed up.

It's important to put warm items back on before you cool down if you have been sweating during your class to prevent your body temperature dropping rapidly with the impact of the cold on your damp clothing.

Wet weather bootcamp classes

With waterproof gloves, a long sleeve base layer and a baseball cap, it's very easy to forget it is even raining during your fitness class. 

There's nothing better for your spirit than being outside in all weather.

With the above outdoor fitness tips, you can enjoy bootcamp fitness classes all year round. 

There's no such thing as bad weather when you're in good company. 

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